Wig review #1


As my first post I’ve decided to do a review on a wig that recently arrived in the post. This is one of my recent buys from Aliexpress!


I ordered the wig on the 22nd of February and it arrived on the 21st of March. So it took almost a month which I think Is very reasonable.


This wig is quite thin but not thin enough to not look real. It’s very silky and soft and I feel that it looks real on me. Since this wig has arrived I have received many compliments! Over all I really like this wig. For the quality I feel that I paid a very good amount of $6.69/£4.49

IMG_20150322_234601 IMG_20150321_194430 IMG_20150321_174909

Overall I give this wig a 9/10

If you would like the link for this make a comment!

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